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Studio Information

The Kimball Art Center does not provide consumable materials for Small Metals Studio members(i.e. sheet metal, solder, saw blades, etc). The following studio equipment and tools are available to use:

Please care for this equipment and tools as if they were your own! We strive to maintain our equipment and tools in good condition so they can be enjoyed by both studio members and students.

Meet the Instructor

Jan Harris Smith

I can’t remember when art was not a part of my life…my refuge, my muse, my friend. I work primarily with glass and metal, balancing light and substance, color and shape, earth and sky. I began working with stained glass in the 70’s and began working with fused glass in 2006. I started working in metal in college, working in silver, copper and brass to create jewelry and other small objects. I love to combine the two mediums, juxtaposing light and opacity. I will embrace any medium available to me in art, but I always come back to metal and glass.

Teaching art has been my passion for the past 19 years. I love introducing students to working in art media and the creative process. I have worked primarily with adults and have taught in various venues across the United States and Australia, including art retreats, art store.