Small Metals Studio Memberships grant access to our Small Metals Studio, a maker’s space that welcomes independent artists interested in working small metals.

The Kimball Art Center offers a month to month or yearly Small Metals Studio Membership to fit the needs of our creative community! The Small Metals Studio Membership fees are available for proficient metalsmithing/small metals artists. These fees help to maintain our studio buildings, equipment, community supplies and knowledgeable staff. By charging this fee we are able to provide the community with a well maintained facility to service creativity! Thank you for your support and we look forward to having you in the Small Metals Studio.

Meet the Instructor

Jan Harris Smith

I can’t remember when art was not a part of my life…my refuge, my muse, my friend. I work primarily with glass and metal, balancing light and substance, color and shape, earth and sky. I began working with stained glass in the 70’s and began working with fused glass in 2006. I started working in metal in college, working in silver, copper and brass to create jewelry and other small objects. I love to combine the two mediums, juxtaposing light and opacity. I will embrace any medium available to me in art, but I always come back to metal and glass.

Teaching art has been my passion for the past 19 years. I love introducing students to working in art media and the creative process. I have worked primarily with adults and have taught in various venues across the United States and Australia, including art retreats, art store.