lesson plans

k-5 lesson plans

K-5 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about the different tribes that historically lived in Utah and the Great Basin. Students will create their own map identifying where each tribe lived based on information learned from the map provided. Students will choose one of the three tribes to study and present to the rest of the class. They will identify how their lives changed with the arrival of settlers and pioneers

6-8 lesson plans

6-8 Lesson Plan

Students will learn how history is often created by and turns into myth and legend by looking at depictions of cowboys. During the first class, the students will collectively create what they think a cowboy looked like or behaved. Students will then be assigned a source for information about cowboys in the American West. Whether primary or secondary sources, they must take what they learn and create their own personal image of a cowboy. Once they have finished, students will display their works along with their sources and compare how sources changed each image of a Cowboy.

9-12 lesson plans

9-12 Lesson Plan

The 1960’s brought about drastic changes in culture and civil rights all over the country. Typically, people think of Woodstock, the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Vietnam. But during the 60’s, the American Indian Movement (AIM) was extremely busy drawing attention to the inequalities faced by Native American’s each year. Students will create their own posters for AIM, highlighting either goals or their complaints for the social movement.

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