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EVA is an acronym for Elementary Visual Arts and is a partnership between the Kimball Art Center and the Park City Education Foundation. The program’s mission is to bring a high quality visual art curriculum to Park City School District’s elementary schools that otherwise would not exist. EVA aims to allow every elementary school student to experience the visual arts through their unique creativity, providing children with a solid foundation in the visual arts which allows immediate, creative expression and creates a foundation and continued participation at higher levels of learning.

Each lesson plan has been created by the Kimball Art Center’s Education Department, and focuses on teaching visual arts with ties to Utah’s Elementary Visual Arts Core Curriculum. Students and teachers are also welcome to participate in the Kimball Art Center’s A.R.T.S. School Field Trip Program with an exhibition tour and project at the Kimball Art Center. The Kimball Art Center works with each EVA Art School Coordinator and volunteers to provide a cohesive, district wide program. Supplemental materials are provided online on the KAC website for widespread public use.

Utah Elementary Visual Arts Core Curriculum Mission Statement as provided by the Utah State Office of Education:

The Visual Arts Core is dedicated to teaching students of Utah to develop and refine their skills in creating works of art, to analyze and reflect upon both their own and significant works of art, to find an artistic means of expressing their thoughts and discoveries, and to find meaningful relationships between the visual arts and the many faceted world in which they live. The Visual Arts Core is designed to teach these things by way of active participation in the creation of works of art and thereby develop an appreciation of artworks. The students will be taught from significant artworks as well as the arts created in their region.

Utah Office of Education, Core Binder 2013.


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