lesson plans

k-5 lesson plans

K-5 Lesson Plan

Students will imagine a pen pal of someone their own age who lives in the year 3000. They will write to their pen pal describing and drawing aspects of their daily life as well as write and draw the daily life aspects of their pen pal using line drawing format. These elements may include clothing, food, housing. transportation, entertainment to name a few. Students will write the letters and address the envelopes to their pen pals. They will put their letters and drawings into the envelopes and share them with class members.

6-8 lesson plans

6-8 Lesson Plan

Students will utilize urban planning concepts to construct a mini version of a city in a shoebox. They will incorporate systems of transportation, food production, and reflect ways in which a city functions and is interrelated. Also, students will use art and design to reflect the aesthetic of each building intended for a specific purpose.

9-12 lesson plans

9-12 Lesson Plan

Students will discuss various systems of a city: food production, transportation, wastemanagement, communication/information exchange, housing, power generation, etc. Students will choose one system and research how this system sustainably functions in an array of cities. They will choose one unsustainable issue with this system and draft a ‘widget’: a technological development or invention that solves this issue. They will draw and describe its function and purpose, make a powerpoint presentation, and present it to the class.

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